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Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Novels by Charley Brindley

1. Hannibal's Elephant Girl


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2. Ariion XXIII

Ariion XXIII, a novel by Charley Brindley

Published by Logorrhea Publishing

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Ariion Sanders, a disabled teenage girl, is inspired by a homeless man she meets in a New York City jail. The man, Cameron Littleheart St. Lawrence, has been arrested for bank robbery, but without convincing evidence, the judge is forced to release him. The bumbling bank robbers have their loot stolen from them and they think Cameron took it. After they kidnap Cameron, Ariion hatches a plan for his rescue, however, her scheme goes awry, and she finds herself in deep trouble.

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3. Oxana's Pit


Published by Logorrhea Publishing

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Oxana uses forced labor to operate an illegal mine in the Amazon. Her open-pit excavation is on land owned by Echo Forests, an environmental company based in New York City and controlled by Kennitosh Scarborough (Tosh). When he discovers Oxana’s pit on a satellite photo, Tosh goes to investigate and is captured by Oxana’s thugs. One of Tosh’s employees, and also his lover, Amber Bravant, organizes a search for him. She is also taken prisoner by Oxana. Tosh and Amber’s escape is engineered by two Yanomami children befriended by Tosh before his capture

4. Cian

Cian, a novel by Charley Brindley

Published by Logorrhea Publishing

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Cian and Saxon’s meeting in the heart of the Amazon is more than an encounter of two people; it’s the coming together of two different worlds. Their explorations and adventures take them deep into the rain forest and then halfway around the globe in search of a peaceful place to settle down. But instead of finding peace, their shared sense of justice finds them traveling from Europe to New York and then back to Brazil where they must confront the evil network of the ambitious and heartless Oxana, who will stop at nothing to advance her trade in endangered animals as well as women and little girls.

5. Raji, Book One

Raji, a novel by Charley Brindley

Published by Logorrhea Publishing

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Rajiani Devaki (Raji) is a girl of thirteen from India. On a cold December morning in 1925, Vincent Fusilier (Fuse) finds Raji sleeping in his parents' barn. He thinks she's a vagrant and tells her she has to go. She doesn't understand English and doesn't know where she is, having recently escaped from a house in Queens New York where she had been held for the past nine years as an indentured servant. After Vincent leaves for school, Raji slips into his house to find something to eat. She peeks into the front room and is startled to see a man sitting in a wheelchair. He stares at her but apparently cannot move or speak.

Part of a review by Alison at That's A Novel Idea

This novel drew me in from the first sentence and didn't let me go. Each new day in the story brought a new adventure. As I went along for the ride my fingers were crossed that things would go well. I developed quite an affection for the female characters in Hannibal's Elephant Girl, and it was difficult to read of their struggles and to accept the actions of those who plotted against them.

Hannibal's Elephant Girl is an excellent historical fiction novel. It is classified as young adult, but I am in my 30's and enjoyed it immensely. In fact, as soon as I finished it I emailed the author to inquire about the release date of a sequel. Yep, this is the first in a series that I will definitely be following. Per Ms. Brindley there will be 5 to 6 books in the series and the next book should be complete in about 6 months. I hope it stays on schedule. Please check out her site for other work she has written. I hope to be reading Raji soon.

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First part of a review by Evie Alexis at Long Live Chick-Lit

Never before have I read a single work of fiction that addresses familial relationships, teenage angst, racism, corporate corruption and multiculturalism; that is, until I read Ariion Kathleen Brindley’s moving novel, Raji.

The story of a runaway teen discovered in a hardworking adolescent’s farm seems common enough, but upon reading one discovers the novel filled with an indescribable depth and maturity lacking in so many of today’s contemporary stories targeted towards our youth.

Told in third person, the reader gets the perspective of the protagonists, Vincent Fusilier – better known as Fuse – and Rajiani Navana Devaki, and one would be hard pressed not to fall for the charms found in each unique character. Incredibly mature for their age, they are both united by hardships teenagers should not have to know. Both possess dedication and loyalty to family and friends, and are highly gifted, Raji in particular. Her acquisition of two languages should motivate any second (and third) language learner.

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Part of a review by Evie Alexis at Long Live Chick-Lit

The old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, has proven itself true once again. I certainly had my fair share of expectations upon glancing at the front of Ariion Kathleen Brindley’s latest work. After reading, I discovered within the pages a story unlike any I could have possibly predicted, surpassing entertainment, providing enthrallment.

Oxana’s Pit is at its core a story of adventure and romance built upon and utilizing themes of slavery, torture, greed, and madness. The latter malevolent attributes belong to the sinister Oxana, a character so evil you would never want to meet the likes of her in either a darkened ally or a sunny, overcrowded square.

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Soon to be Published Novels

1. Raji, Book Three: Dire Kawa

Raji by Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Dire Kawa Prison, Ethiopia, 1933

Publication scheduled for July 2012

Raji and Fuse leave medical school at the beginning of The Depression in the early 1930s. They hire on as deckhands on a freighter bound for Calcutta. There, Raji is reunited with her family after being separated from them for the past 14 years. Fuse leaves Raji and goes on alone to Mandalay where Raji will catch up with him in two weeks time. Fuse meets Kayin in Mandalay and by the time Raji arrives, he is in love with Kayin.

Chapter One

2. Raji, Book Four: The House of the West Wind

The House of the West Wind by Ariion Kathleen Brindley

House of the West Wind, Mandalay, 1941

Publication scheduled for July 2012

Fuse returns to Mandalay after being away for 8 years. He is determined to find Kayin, if she's still alive. He refuses to believe she was the traitor who caused Raji and him to be imprisoned. On his first day back at the old hotel where he first met Kayin, he is shocked to find not his lost lover, but two other people who seem to know him quite well.

Chapter One

Novels in progress

1. Raji, Book Two. The Academy                   Raji begins her student life as a junior at Octavia Pompeii Academy

                  Read Chapter One

2. Cat Springs

                  Read Chapter One

3. Physician, Heal Thyself

                  Read Prologue

                  Read Chapter One

4. Hannibal's Elephant Girl, Book II. Journey to Iberia

                  Read Chapter One

5. Valdacia

6. The Archer of Alexander The Great

Non-fiction in progress

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